Friday, February 3, 2012

Disney Princesses if they shopped at Urban Outfitters

Here’s a trope people can’t get enough of: taking Disney princesses and putting them in hilarious other contexts, be it Vogue covers, fashion illustrations, subcultures and historically accurate dress. Now, they’ve made them into “hipster,” which is an extremely relevant thing.
Buzzfeed got these from Deviant Art user viria13, who has them labeled “Fashion Princesses,” and explains, “At first I was going to draw hipster princesses, but got that I am not quite sure if I know the right meaning of ‘hipster’ so , just fashion.”
We’re not really sure what hipster means anymore (besides a pejorative catchall for “people in pants who like bands!”) but you’d see any one of these outfits in an Urban Outfitters campaign, so… close enough! Well, Urban Outfitters or how Vanessa Hudgens dresses at Coachella.
Also. No, Anastasia wasn’t Disney. We thought that too!

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