Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New show: Jane By Design

I absolutely adore the fashion on this show. Yes, it is targeted towards a younger demographoc, but I love it anyway.
This show really makes me wish I was creative and talented enough to swe my own clothes. I'm always afraid of ruining them, so I never even try. I do have ideas, I just never get around to testing them out.
I've only watched the first two episodes (the third airs tonight at 9 on ABC I believe), so here are my favourite ensembles from them:

I love this entire combination. I would actually wear this.
Love the shoes!

Her jacket is amazing. Where can I find one?
 And on the upside, her best friend is very attractive (seen in these pictures with her). I find him even more attractive than British guy she works with, and accents are my weakness. (He also seems to old haha)

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